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Paws & Fins Pet Shop is proud to carry FroliCat in Bainbridge Island, Washington. For over 10 years, we’ve been designing exceptional pet products that make life simpler for you and your pet under five trusted brands: Guardian®, FroliCat®, chewzie dog™, Aqua Fountain and Travel Hound. In 2018, we combined all the things you love from those brands into one trusted brand – Premier Pet. Although the name and packaging are new, the quality, great price and superior customer service from a U.S. based Customer Care Center, remain the same. Life with your pet should be simple and affordable. Discover Premier Pet products, where quality, function and value all come together.

Dog Product

  • Step-In Harness
  • Multi-Functional Leash 
  • Wireless Fence 
  • 400 Yard Trainer 
  • Bark Collar 
  • Locking Pet Door 
  • Plastic Pet Door

Cat Product

  • Premium Crystal Litter 
  •  Dual-Fresh™ Litter Box System
  •  Cat Harness & Leash
  •  50 oz. Pet Fountain
  •  Plastic Pet Door
  •  Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy
  •  Fox Den Automatic Cat Toy

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We love all of our pet parents from Bainbridge Island and surrounding areas including Port Blakely, Fort Ward, Crystal Springs, Venice, Manzanita, and more!

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