Custom Fitting

Properly fitting equipment is of the utmost importance both for comfort and for safety.  It doesn't matter if it is a simple collar, a raincoat or a harness, they need to fit well in order to be effective. Our generous return policy ensures that you are never stuck with an item that won't work for you, but we would rather you have the perfect item from the start!  

You can stop in any time and have one of our associates assist you in fitting your pet with any of our items.  

If you have a dog or a cat (or any animal) that may get very stressed by the situation, not do great in public, or simply need more support and security, please call us and schedule a free 30-minute appointment window.  We will have a private, secure place waiting for you and your pet, and a dedicated staff member to help you and your pet navigate whatever fitting needs you have.  Please let us know upon scheduling what your specific needs and limitations will be so we can prepare properly.

What Our Customers Say

We love all of our pet parents from Bainbridge Island and surrounding areas including Port Blakely, Fort Ward, Crystal Springs, Venice, Manzanita, and more!

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